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Photo Scrapbook

Here are some links to photos, clippings, and other artifacts of band history.

August 2004 - music for a Ruby Anniversary party
The band was less than a year old in this photo.   This party was in the old VFW Hall on KK in Milwaukee.
Our regular bass player couldn't attend this gig,
so we "press ganged" a young man who is quite well known to two of the band's regular musicians.

October 2004 - Our bass player brings a helper to rehearsal
In 2004 we were still borrowing a Kay upright string bass.   Ah, somehow we knew that these "bull fiddles" just wouldn't do as a substitute!

November 2005 - Our first appearance at Milwaukee's Holiday Folk Fair
No doubt that this is an old photo.  We all look a lot younger, and there's that Midwest Express Airlines banner in the background.

July 2006 - A publicity photo in Grant Park, with one fiddler already out in Maine

July 2006 - The band visits Bar Harbor, Maine, and does some gigs
Tremont is on the "Quiet Side" of Mount Desert Island.

July 2006 - Our "Roadies" hawking CDs at a sidewalk gig in Bar Harbor
The Celtic Rainbow Shop on West Street was happy to have us clog the sidewalk in front of the store.
Alas, the storefront is no longer in existence - it was torn down so a huge hotel could occupy the block.  
But the business still exists, per the link.

October 2006 - A Halloween party with The Friends of Grant Park
(Our bass player is attempting a performance "incognito")

March 2008 - A "Pullin' O the Green" party with The Friends of Grant Park.
(One of the band's three married couples shamelessly mugs for the camera.)

March 2008 - "The Pullin' O the Green" - our bass player switches to whistle
(And our dulcimer player covers on bass.)

March 2008 - "The Pullin' O' the Green" - some tunes go really fast!

October 2008 - Time for a new publicity photo.
Rob Vajagich was lucky to take the photo just after somebody told a joke.
The band was lucky, too.  If you think it's hard to take a decent family photo with a bunch of kids.....

January 2009 - We perform in Woodruff, Wisconsin, at a Unitarian church

January 2009 - Gig at Woodruff.  Gig is going great.

January 2009 - The Woodruff UU church is a great place for recording the gig.
(Many of the photos from the gig show people dancing.  This photo shows they sat down at least once in a while.)

February 2009 - A late snowfall and a bad pun combine to make a "cover" photo for band's second CD.
The music on "Frieze Britches" was recorded at that gig in Woodruff in January.  Another photo by our friend Rob Vajagich.

August 2010 - We have our fans in South Milwaukee

August 2010 - We're honored to help kick off the first Poerio Park Folk Festival in Kenosha

May 2011 - We switch to Renaissance music for a fundraiser in Racine

October 2012 - Band members clear a bunch of buckthorn in the Oak Creek Parkway
Gotta take a break from practice once in a while!

October 2012 - Time for another publicity photo.
The band has been together for 9 years.  We are lucky to have bass players who are remarkably versatile.  
Our first bass player also played banjo, whistle, and flutes,.  Our new bass player does mandolin, and plays a fabulous viola.

(Rob Vajagich didn't have to work so hard this time to get people to smile for the camera.)

November 2014 - Band arrives at Narita International Airport (Tokyo)
The band was honored to be the Cultural Exchange portion of the 2014 Wisconsin Chiba Inc delegation.  Our trip was based in Narita (Chiba Prefecture), which is the site of Tokyo's international airport.

Saturday Nov 8th 2014 - Warming up before going on stage
The City of Narita was having a big festival in honor of the 60th Anniversary of the incorporation of the district as a city.  The festivities included five stages and more than 20 performing groups.   A terrific flute-drum-dance group was distracting the audience while we did a final tune-up.

Saturday Nov 8th - on stage at the Narita 60th Year festival
Thank you, Chiba-Wisconsin Association, for inviting us to this event!  Domo arigato gozaimas!

Sunday Nov 9th, touring Shinto temple grounds in Tokyo
On Sunday, the gigs were over, and the band members hoined the other Wisconsin-Chiba delegates for a tour of Tokyo.  This included tours of two large temple complexes.  The photo was taken near the end of the day, when this temple's grounds were very quiet.

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