These two samples are each around 2 minutes long,
and were recorded live at Carleton Grange Pub, May 30th 2009

Mist on the Mountain (3.0 MB, MP3)

Morgan Megan (2.6 MB, MP3)

Here are two short video clips of our providing dinner music in the main ballroom of the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee in October 2015:
Planxty Fanny Power & Planxty Irwin

Three Enlgish Country Dances

The following tracks are from our latest "demo" CD,
recorded in September 2010

Dan Keefe's Slides  (4.1 MB, MP3)

Harbor Grace, Julia Delaney  (3.3 MB, MP3)

Citi na gCumann (5.8 MB, MP3)

Lord Mayo, Laird of Drumm Blair, Bo Mhin na Toitean (6.3 MB, MP3)

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